EUSEW 2021 – Towards a decarbonized Europe: Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for a clean energy transition

In occasion of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021, SMEmPower Efficiency actively participated in the session “Towards a decarbonized Europe: Increasing energy efficiency in SMEs for a clean energy transition”.

The interactive session took place on the 19th of October within the EUSEW Externed Programme, and it was a collaboration with the six H2020 Sister Projects with innoveas, E2DRIVER, DEESME, ICCEE, Speedier and Triple-A.

Building on the results of the 7 EU-funded projects, this session provided guidelines and good practice to implement energy efficiency solutions and to facilitate the energy transition.

Look at the recording of the session below:

SMEs have a high untapped energy saving potential which can be unlocked by overcoming structural, market and financial barriers. Industry stakeholders, policy makers, financial institutions, ESCOs, academia/research, energy professionals and other attendees will therefore hear about available services, tools and policies that can unlock considerable amounts of energy/cost savings and assist in achieving emission targets. This session focuses on three key aspects of energy efficiency improvements in SMEs around Europe:

  1. Barriers and opportunities in implementing energy efficiency solutions,
  2. Best practices and case studies, such as trainings, tools, services etc.,
  3. Policies to enhance the implementation of energy efficiency measures in SMEs in the upcoming years.

Download the Agenda here


  • Ivana Rogulj, Climate and Energy Expert, IEECP

Using stakeholder consultation approaches for increasing Energy Efficiency in SMEs

  • Padraig Lyons, Head of Group, IERC

How policies can drive the uptake of energy efficiency in SMEs

  • Mara Corbella, Junior European Project Manager, IIPLE

How to overcome the implementation barriers with communication, easy-to-manage and ready-to-use tools, best practices and trainings and more

  • Erudino Llano Güemes, Training manager, Fundación CIRCE

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