Sister Projects

Innoveas – Energy audits for SMEs

The innoveas project is an initiative promoted by 10 partners from 6 EU countries, to build and deliver a capacity building programme, aiming at addressing the major non-technical barriers that most often hamper the adoption the energy auditing practice, in particular among those actors, such as Small and Medium Enterprises where such audits are not required by law.


The goal of E2DRIVER is to train SMEs in the automotive sector on energy auditing and energy saving measures for cost-effective energy efficiency improvements. To overcome the lack of knowledge, skills and awareness prevalent in the industry, the project’s integrative approach aims to boost capacity building programmes on energy auditing by establishing an innovative learning platform.


SPEEDIER is a highly innovative one-stop-shop solution that applies an integrated approach to energy management, providing information, advice, capacity, etc. It aims at delivering energy management services to SMEs via energy consultants to facilitate the uptake of energy audits and reduce energy consumption.


DEESME enables companies, especially SMEs to manage the energy transition by taking profit of multiple benefits from energy management and audit approaches and provides national authorities with guidelines and recommendations to empower their schemes under article 8, using the multiple benefits’ approach.


ICCEE will integrate the characteristics of cold chains of the food and beverage sector in an analytical decision support tool with tailor-made analyses related to the energy performance for the different process stages (e.g., raw material preparation, logistic and warehousing operations, production and processing of products, packaging).


Triple-A has a practical result-oriented approach, seeking to identify which investments can be considered as Triple-A investments, fostering sustainable growth, while also having an extremely strong capacity to meet their commitments, already from the first stages of investments generation and preselection/ pre-evaluation.

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